Every year the month of April takes us back to unspeakable pain of the Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, in 1994.
This year, the 23rd.
Commemoration had for its theme, “Commemorate the Genocide against the Tutsis, Fight genocide ideology and build on our progress”.
Canadians of Rwandan origin, grouped within the “Rwandan Community Abroad” (RCA-CANADA) remember and commemorate, across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver, passing by Quebec-City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Windsor, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary and Victoria, the memory of our parents, brothers, sisters, and friends taken away in this human madness, that the world failed to prevent.
In a spate of just 100 days over a territory of 26.336 km², with unbelievable atrocities, the genocide claimed more than a million Tutsis- children, the elderly, women, and men. It is with gratitude that we thank the leaders and the people of Canada for their active solidarity in standing with the Rwandan Community during these difficult times.
In many cities across Canada, Members of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers and ordinary citizens came at the side of our communities to commemorate. We were humbled by their words of support and encouragement to the people of Rwanda and to Canadians of Rwandan origin, which includes survivors of this last terrible genocide of the 20th century.
We urge the government of Canada and Canadians of all walks to fight genocide ideology here and elsewhere in the world and to apprehend and bring to justice those who committed genocide who may be hiding on Canadian soil.