Engaging, Empowering, Innovating for Stronger Communities

Rwanda Diaspora Global Network is an independent, non-profit organization, an umbrella under which Rwanda Diaspora associations from around the world are coordinated. We were registered in accordance with the Rwanda law governing non-profit making organization # 20/2000 of 26th July 2000, a non-profit organization known as «RWANDA DIASPORA GLOBAL NETWORK (RDGN) » in abbreviation.

The existence of a Diaspora institution has been reaffirmed by the cabinet meeting of February 28th, 2007 and reinforced into a General Directorate from the 20th June 2008 cabinet decisions. We believe that if our activities are well coordinated, productive and verifiable, we can add nuance to policy and political dialogue, on issues of strategic importance to the well-being of all Rwandans.

We draw resources from the synergy of all Rwandans in the Diaspora to engage, empower and innovate for stronger communities. Like other African countries, Rwanda realizes the important role Diaspora can play in the areas of financial, virtual and physical transfers, image building, good governance, trade and investments. In addition, the Rwandan Diaspora can act as a catalyst in bringing innovation, and the best practices in different areas of public and private sectors.

Our Vision

To be the optimal resource center while empowering Rwandan communities around the world.

Our Mission

To become a strategic platform of socio-economic changes, we will build a virtual and physical strong worldwide and well organized network. We will draw our strengths from our diverse and innovative local communities.

Our Objectives

  • To establish a strong worldwide, broad-based and well organized network
  • To promote investments within our communities but also Rwanda
  • To promote and maintain the Rwandan culture and values
  • To promote solidarity and better communication among Rwandans living in the Diaspora
  • To promote science, technology and knowledge transfer
  • To promote exchange between Rwandans in Diaspora and those living in Rwanda